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       In the digital age we live in, it was impossible not to evolve orthodontically, from the classic bracketsi devices, to the devices made after a dental scan (fingerprint), a 3D treatment plan, virtual, well thought out by the orthodontist, certified and experienced in Invisalign and then individualized for each patient.

       Although it is an innovative device, in the ortho Implant Center dental clinic, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign type alignment, as well as from the experience of our certified doctor Invisalign Dr. Mada Diana Carla since 2014. After this certification followed training courses at the International Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2017, then a program in Madrid, Spain – Clear Ortho International Program – Master Course in Invisalign Technique – 2019, and in 2020 he participated in the Invisalign Scientific Symposium – digital edition. Also in 2020, the doctor also obtained a doctorate in the field of Dentistry. The Invisalign Scientific Symposium in 2021 was attended in the same form – digital edition.

       Subsequently, our doctor was recognized as a Silver Invisalign Member – 2020, and from 2021 Gold Invisalign Member, rapidly rising to Platinum Invisalign Member status.

Some images from the Invisalign Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017
Courtesy of Dr. Mada Diana Carla

       Invisalign is the first and most advanced splint / alignment device in the world, and he, together with the orthodontist, experienced in using the Invisalign device, can solve almost any dental anomaly. It not only solves recurrences after a classic treatment with brackets, but also solves a head-to-tail anomaly, and even cases that were once solved only with the help of maxillary bone operations in adjuvant with brackets.

       The patient receives a set of individualized splints / alignments, which he changes at home on a weekly basis or as directed by his doctor. The patient knows exactly when he has to come to the clinic (much rarer visits), and what will be done to him, after seeing his 3D plan, before ordering his device.

       Increased patient comfort, maintained dental hygiene, absent dietary restrictions, much improved aesthetics, almost transparent, accurate and individualized information for each case in the device, application “My Invisalign”, which reminds the patient to change the splints, time the patient is without the device (tables for example), selfies that can be sent to the doctor in the application for remote treatment, color indicators for younger patients to make sure they wear the device, and many other benefits to be as efficient as possible and more “user-friendly” in all respects.


The experience of the orthodontist, Invisalign certified, together with a very advanced technology, is combined to create a 3D digital treatment plan, so that your new smile will be outlined.

Teeth scanning – the doctor captures an exact 3D image of the teeth, using the intraoral scanner;


Courtesy of Dr. Mada Diana Carla – @ORTHOIMPLANTCENTER

3D treatment plan – the doctor works with the Invisalign team to fine-tune each movement and tooth using ClinCheck software – built on information from more than 7 million Invisalign-treated smiles in the world. Look at it as the road map of your new smile;

Courtesy of Dr. Mada Diana Carla – @ORTHOIMPLANTCENTER

Visualize your smile – your doctor will be able to show you your new smile, even before you start treatment, after you have made the 3D plan;


      Your transparent splinters are created using state-of-the-art technology based on your individualized treatment plan.

            Accurate and personal – no coarse dental impressions – thanks to dental scanning;
       Improved material – the splints are made with the comfort of the patient in mind; SmartTrack material has been specially designed for the Invisalign system, to ensure a perfect fit on the teeth.
         Tailored specifically for each – The gingival line / edge of each is placed differently in the oral cavity, so for each patient, the splints are cut differently; The result is a device that looks good and feels good.
         Checked for quality – when your smile is concerned, quality means everything. Each of your unique gutters is examined to meet the highest quality standards.


1. Make an appointment with your Invisalign certified orthodontist, which you can find on the official website of, section “Find an Invisalign provider”, “City” and select (we recommend) ” According to experience ”.
See what your 3D treatment plan looks like, where you can see what your teeth will look like if you followed orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, before ordering your device.

2. Start transforming your smile , right from the first set of splints:
– The doctor will make sure that the splints fit well, will answer your questions and will tell you what to expect next and when the next meetings will be;

You, as a patient, will have to:
– start wearing the gutters;
– see your doctor at about 2 months, or when advised by a doctor;
– your daily routine should not be interrupted by wearing the appliance, even if you have to keep it on your teeth 22h / day, except when eating and drinking any liquid other than water
– you will still be able to eat anything (because the appliance goes down during meals), and hygiene will remain as easy to maintain as before the appliance;

3. Maintain your new wonderful smile
You transformed your smile with the most advanced transparent gutter device in the world.
Now it’s very easy to keep your smile obtained with Vivera transparent splints, also made by Invisalign, which are 30% stronger than any other containment splints.

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       Your smile is in good hands. When you receive your first splints, your doctor will make sure that:
– the splints fit well;
– will answer your questions;
– it will tell you what to expect next;

Invisalign retainer


       Live your life! Transform your smile!
Invisalign splints fit your life – they don’t interrupt it. Plus, at every stage, you can see the progress of the treatment and enjoy your smile as it transforms.

Don’t stop living your life:
– keep eating all your favorite foods;
– stay active in all the activities and sports you love;
– keep brushing your teeth and flossing the same way as before, because brackets or wires will not get in your way;
– you will experience much fewer emergencies;
– Invisalign gutters are almost invisible, so people may not even notice you are wearing them;

Wearing gutters:
– you will be ready for anything, from a movie night to a coffee with friends. Just take the gutters down when eating or drinking, then preferably brush your teeth before brushing them again.
– wear the gutters between 20-22h / day for the best results;
– Dear parents, your child’s / adolescent’s gutters will have indicators
compliance blue, to make sure you wear them enough;

Receiving a new set of splints:
– You will wear each set of splints for 1-2 weeks, depending on how your doctor recommends it;
– You will probably schedule visits to the clinic, about 6-8 weeks, to check your progress; The fewer visits, the more you will enjoy life;
– When you change each set of splints, you may feel a little tension or discomfort for about 2 days, which is absolutely normal.

Cleaning the appliance:
– Clean your gutters every morning and evening with toothpaste and toothbrush to keep them fresh and clean;
– You can use Invisalign cleaning crystals if necessary;


Yes, they are divided according to the anomaly and the duration of treatment into:
Invisalign First – from 6 years – comprising 2 treatment stages, one initial and one around the age of 11-12 years;
Invisalign 7 – very slight anomaly, 1-2 mm, which can be resolved in a maximum of 7 splints / 7 weeks, located in the frontal area;


Invisalign Lite – anomaly that can be resolved in a maximum of 14 gutters / 14 weeks;


Invisalign Full / Comprehensive Treatment – for almost any anomaly and unlimited number of splints – Approximate treatment time 1.5 years – differs from case to case where appropriate, depending on the anomaly


– Invisalign Teen – for teenagers – unlimited number of splints – helps a lot in the teenager’s self-confidence, in the disappearance of frustrations of any kind during orthodontic treatment, helping the young adult to transition more easily the delicate period in which he is, from several points of view; – special feature: wear indicators, in order to be able to monitor the wearing time of the young patient;



1. How is the Invisalign treatment different from other classic teeth straightening treatments?

Invisalign treatment is the most advanced transparent gutter system in the world, supported by more than 2 decades of innovations. Compared to brackets, Invisalign splints can come off your teeth and are almost invisible. There are no wires or brackets, so you won’t have to change your brushing or floss mode, plus you can still eat what you want, and there are no emergencies automatically!

The most important thing is that they are made digitally, so the doctor can order how many degrees it takes to move a tooth, or how many millimeters it takes to create or close a tooth space.

It molds perfectly to the teeth , being made after the fingerprint, ie dental scan.

2. Are there any dietary restrictions during treatment with Invisalign?

None! Spouts can be removed so there is no food restriction (Hello popcorn!).

3. Is it more efficient than the classic bracket device?

Yes, because the movements can be much better controlled digitally than manually, and the device includes the body tooth and does not touch it at just one point.

4. It is faster than a classic treatment?


5. The pain is great?

No, there is a slight dental tension for a maximum of 2 days when changing the splint (but not all the same).

6. Embarrassing?

No, because it stops at the package line, or below, as the case may be.

7. Do I have a guarantee?

Yes, between 2-5 years, depending on the Invisalign treatment variant (Lite / Comprehensive Treatment), it can be rescanned, remade a new treatment plan without additional costs, to be sure that the maximum possible d.p.d.v of the device will be obtained.

To see if Invisalign is the option that suits you, we are waiting for you at our clinic ORTHO IMPLANT CENTER, Str. Alexandru Vaida Voevod, Nr. 80, from Cluj Napoca, to find out more details.

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